C4 Waterman 12’6 Isup Itrekker Inflatable Paddle Board

C4 Waterman 12'6 Isup Itrekker Inflatable Paddle Board

It has really been practiced on drifting boards for thousands of years, with examples uncovered around the world, including Hawaii, Peru, Israel, and Italy. C4 Waterman 12’6 Isup Itrekker Inflatable Paddle Board

Why not try out paddle boarding today if you have not already.

Given the big assortment of paddle boards available today, it can be a little bit frustrating to select one for the very first time or upgrade your existing one.

For that reason, let’s discuss two very well-established paddle boarding companies so you can determine more easily. Both choices are fantastic.

iRocker Paddle Boards and Atoll Paddle Boards are these two manufacturers.

Atoll SUPs

The Atoll Board Business offers stand up paddle boards, paddles, accessories, garments and more at reasonable prices.

A California browse society as well as a love of Nature integrate to create Team Atoll, based in Huntington Beach, CA.

As a result of this effective harmony, Atoll Board Company has become one of one of the most preferred brands in the market.

Atoll iSUP Review 

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A Short Guide To Atoll Paddleboards C4 Waterman 12’6 Isup Itrekker Inflatable Paddle Board

Our suggestion for an all-around inflatable paddleboard that’s good for high-adventure task, is the Atoll 11′ all-around blow up SUP. It’s light-weight and also easy to deliver.

Along with being light-weight, the most recent version of Atoll’s trademark paddleboard provides enhanced tracking, sturdiness, and move. With its maker laminated flooring dual-layer PVC construction, it can endure virtually anything you toss at it.

Moreover, we like the diamond-grooved deck pad and the 8-inch center US common fin, which enhances performance.

A lighter fiberglass paddle and also an adjustable, strengthened knapsack have been added to the Atoll 11′ package.

Along with the cool shades, the board has the amazing Atoll bison logo on the nose and also the bottom, so you stick out on the water. The Atoll 11′ SUP surpasses a currently impressive board for well-rounded journey.

Who Must Acquire This Inflatable Paddle Board

With the Atoll 11′, you can try your hand at a little bit of everything there is to find out about SUP water sporting activities.

There are lots of factors to love this SUP, consisting of:

  • For brand-new paddlers that prefer stability, ease of handling, and also good tracking
  • Those that invest a great deal of time walking, backpacking, or taking a trip
  • Bigger, heavier paddlers. If you want to bring your kids or animals along with you, this is a great selection
  • Individuals who desire paddleboards that stabilize nimbleness as well as pace with general durability
  • Those that desire a paddleboard you can rely on from a trustworthy firm

Regardless of dealing with most water settings well, the Atoll 11′ inflatable might shed some performance relying on the problems. C4 Waterman 12’6 Isup Itrekker Inflatable Paddle Board

Take the Atoll 11′ to these kinds of settings:

  • A calm lake, bay, marina, or other body of water is optimal for SUP
  • The efficiency can be influenced by uneven water, like on coastlines or throughout light winds
  • Rivers with a slower velocity
  • Taking a paddle in the sea. You will have the ability to paddle through the waves and also even ride some longboard style waves with a little method

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The Atoll 11 has a weight of 22.5 pounds and is 11 feet by 32 inches by six inches in size. Its size and shape make it excellent for basic paddling.

It has no major strengths as well as no significant weaknesses, but it does not excel in any kind of one area particularly. Due to the board’s vast waistline that gently tapers to a sharp nose, a lot of paddlers discover that it offers adequate balance throughout a lot of its size, regardless of the paddling situations.

The Atoll has the very same three-fin setup as several other boards.

It contains 2 smaller side fins that are completely affixed and one bigger middle fin that can be gotten rid of with the consisted of hand-tightening screw.

What’s Consisted of In The Atoll Paddle Board Kit


Atoll’s paddle board features a great black fiberglas 3-piece paddle. The blade of this light-weight, top notch paddle is made from nylon and also it floats.

Using a flexible paddle, the paddle can always be adjusted to the appropriate overall length.

With the ergonomic handle on the top, it’s simple to manage the water rapidly as well as efficiently, also when damp.

It is very easy to pack the paddle in the backpack supplied since it can be conveniently divided right into three segments.

Pump C4 Waterman 12’6 Isup Itrekker Inflatable Paddle Board

Regardless of being easy to use as well as having a good ergonomic manage and foot pads, the Atoll Dual Movement high compression pump included with the package is not only inexpensive but additionally fairly useful.

Depending upon your rate, you ought to have the ability to fill up the board in 5 to 8 mins. Pumping up the board to the maximum force is plainly indicated by the pressure gauge.

The Atoll paddle board can be inflated twice as quick when you switch over from a solitary to a double motion pump.

Utilizing a 14.5 to 15 PSI pressure is shown by the tension indicator, which is clear and reveals the pressure in green.

It fits into the knapsack much like the paddle, so you do not want to have to pump up the board before utilizing it.

Ankle Leash

In a lot of my various other testimonials, I have applauded the coiled SUP leash that features the Atoll paddle board.

Everyone needs to have this leash. Pads that fit on your legs, a safety and security mechanism, and only prolongs when essential.

If you happen to fall in the water, the leash extends to 10 feet. Despite solid currents, you can always emerge on your Atoll paddle board.


Atoll knapsacks are defined by their incredibly comfortable design and also managing. In addition, it assists that the board is such a lightweight one, as this makes a big difference in the stress that is positioned on your shoulders to begin with.

It is even simpler to maintain the bag in place with the upper body as well as waistline connectors.

You can likewise put your paddle to the front of the bag so you don’t need to carry it in your hands if you don’t want to break it up.


With the consisted of US fin box, the Atoll paddle board’s center fin can be set up quickly without the requirement for a screwdriver.

It provides you also much better control of the tracking regardless of the board’s already great trackability.

This general fin box also permits you to utilize a various fin depending upon your choice for smaller sized or larger fin, relying on the water and kind of task.

Final Ideas On The Atoll Paddle Board

A wonderful board, simple to paddle as well as very practical. Regardless of the water situations, the board glides nicely on calm waters as well as functions well in harsh ones.

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iRocker Paddle Boards

Inflatable stand up paddle boards produced by Florida’s iROCKER have a just track record for top-notch, with a series of functions and extras at a series of prices.

iRocker Inflatable Paddle Board Review 

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iRocker Paddle Boards To Think About

In our examinations, the iRocker All Around 11′ inflatable stand up paddle board carried out well once more, as well as has turned into one of our absolute favorite inflatable paddle board yearly.

Those of you that are new to the board will certainly find the iRocker 11′ All Around a wonderful well-rounded board at an unbelievable worth. Compared to arbitrary top quality boards on Amazon, the board offered right here is dramatically better. C4 Waterman 12’6 Isup Itrekker Inflatable Paddle Board

An upgrade in top quality to the iRocker All Around will provide you with the most effective overall SUP.

It’s best for anybody who:

  • A blow up SUP that can be utilized by beginners and intermediary paddling alike in a selection of water circumstances that is durable and also strong
  • The board needs to sustain a lot of weight (435 extra pounds)
  • Searching for a SUP that can be made use of all over the lake in addition to for exploring
  • Have children and/or additional gear to paddle with
  • To go paddle boarding with all type of fun add-ons

This 11′ iRocker All Around is excellent for the complying with water conditions/situations:

  • Paddling on level water
  • Paddling for entertainment
  • Venturing out on the ocean
  • Surfing in small surf (1-3 ft)


The 11-foot board is expectedly secure as a result of its size as well as bulk.

There’s a perception that it’s adhered to the top of the water. The iRocker All Around 11′ stayed stable in flatwater and also boat waves.

In this respect, it does sensibly well, although it is not comparable to a couple of larger boards. On this board, you can bring a close friend or pet along.

With the iRocker, individuals of all tallness as well as weights can get sureness.

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Tracking C4 Waterman 12’6 Isup Itrekker Inflatable Paddle Board

Our favorite component concerning this paddle board is just how well it tracks. With a width of 32″ it’s on a par with many blow up SUPs. This makes it reasonably simple to maintain a vertical placement and also effective stroke.

Along with the three-way fins, this board does a superb task going straight.

While they are both the same size, the 11′ All Around tracks a little far better than the 10′ version.

Having a foot added in size implies you will be able to track better, go much faster, and move much better in the water.

Pack Components of iRocker Paddle Board

Top-notch accessories have actually always been included with iRocker paddleboards. And also it does not quit there, the SUP is accompanied by a household of upgraded accessories.

You will certainly be supplied with a pump, paddle, bag, leash, and repair service set.

A typical manual pump is 100 times slower than the twin-chamber pump.

To make the hose pipe thicker as well as extra versatile, it was upgraded.

Light-weight and also adjustable, the paddle is easy to use. C4 Waterman 12’6 Isup Itrekker Inflatable Paddle Board

A brand-new variation of the version is offered with a carbon blend shaft that drifts. The design is eye-catching and clean.

An awesome brand-new function is that blade shades currently match board colors.

There are matching shades on all the iRocker 11 backpacks. Now the bag is also much better than it utilized to be. On each side, there are mesh pockets and a bungee cargo part.

Towels can be saved with the bungee. Added zipper pockets are likewise existing on the sides and top of the bag.

The top compartment of the pack can suit the iRocker electric pump. iRocker bags can be conveniently changed into wheel roller bags utilizing the wheel tray for longer trips.

A Final Word On The iRocker iSUP Board

Taking into consideration the value, the 11′ iRocker ISUP is a fantastic price. It’s simple to see why it’s so well-received.

The paddle works well, the accessory is included, and the building and construction seems sturdy. C4 Waterman 12’6 Isup Itrekker Inflatable Paddle Board

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C4 Waterman 12’6 Isup Itrekker Inflatable Paddle Board

Paddle boarding is an unrivaled adventure for your entire body. Not only is it fun to do with your loved ones, however it’s useful to your very own personal health as well. C4 Waterman 12’6 Isup Itrekker Inflatable Paddle Board

There are many wellness positive aspects that you can obtain from paddleboarding. From assisting improve your equilibrium to providing a zone for meditation, there’s more to paddle boarding that fulfills the eye.



Leading Paddleboards From Our Partners

Atoll 11 ft Inflatable Paddle Board

atoll 11ft inflatable paddle board

This ISUP now has built up joints for sidewall and seam sturdiness. It includes a heavy-duty knapsack made with one thing in mind; travel. The luggage has a cushioned midsection strap and also extra-durable military-grade stitching. An improved carbon fiberglass paddle with a nylon blade currently comes criterion with every ISUP board.

Definitely no corners were cut in the production of this 11-foot blow up stand up paddle board. The streamlined, minimalist design has been a staple of outdoor lovers for years now.

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iRocker Cruiser Paddle Board

irocker cruiser

Beginner boarders with a speckle of inquisitiveness as well as grand adventure in their spirit. Equipped with an extra-wide 33″ base, broad tail, and also steadiness functions making this board the steadiest iSUP on the marketplace. With a 400lbs weight capability, it’s built to handle any rider.

Stand up effortlessly and also try some on-board yoga exercise feeling safe above water– the ideal novice board to feed that adventurous side. A smooth intro to paddleboarding that will make you believe in on your own!

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iRocker Blackfin Paddle Board XL

irocker blackfin paddle board

Steadiness, quickness, as well as use make this of our most preferred boards. If you like paddling at pace, with add-ons to captivate, after that this board is made for you.

For taller riders over 5′ 8″ the Blackfin XL iSUP maneuvers flawlessly through any type of water situation and is great for nature buffs who wish to fish and also bring camping gear along for the adventureexpedition}.

It has a variety of functions, transforming to a double kayak and also built-in angling mounts. Excitement seekers and pastime fans, it’s time to revamp the method you paddle.

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iRocker All-Around 11

irocker all around 11

Change your household vacations as well as revamp the way you paddle. When without compromising the efficiency, travel in comfort recognizing this board will certainly sustain high and also heavier riders or multiple people at.

A 32″ width provides extra steadiness while preserving a smooth move through the water. This board will alter your household holiday for the better and also create thoughts of gold.

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iRocker Nautical 10’6

iRocker Nautical 10'6

NAUTICAL 10′ 6″ is for those with scratchy feet, keen to get included in a range of different paddleboarding undertakings. Whether you are cruising ahead a beautiful lake or moving pet and child, this flexible board provides comfort, safety, and also stableness.

A 32″ width, 240lbs weight ability, and very easy inflatable framework make this board a newbie’s dream. Ideal for younger or smaller paddlers looking for play. Obtain a board you will certainly adore today.

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iRocker Sport

For the daring one. The risktaker. The thrill-seeker. This board is suitable in surf problems and also rough water. It is nimble, quick, and also moves through the water at speed, outstanding for those with prior experience.

The board has a weight ability of 385lbs yet is generally used as a solitary rider paddleboard. The 31″ width and also slim tail decreases drag and also enhances tracking capacities. This can be the fastest board on the marketplace. Not for the faint of heart.

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Thurso Waterwalker All-around iSUP

Waterwalker 120 All-around SUP

All set to walk on water? The Waterwalker, our best-selling front runner well-rounded board, is below to lug you and your equipment on your following excitement whether you’re taking your primary steps into SUP or are an experienced paddler.

It’s the go anywhere, do anything board that is available in 3 dimensions to match your physique and also paddle design.



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 Thurso Expedition Touring SUP

Sharp lines sliced through the water like a missile with strong graphics to match. The Expedition’s touring form is developed for effectiveness as well as move that’ll bring you and also your stuff on your lengthiest thrills.

Fast, yet strong it’s the perfect option to lug you as well as all of your gear to your location, no issue how far.



Thurso Max Multi-Purpose SUP

Max Multi-purpose SUP

The Max is the SUV of SUPs. Our extra-large well-rounded inflatable is kid and pet dog pleasant! Designed for several riders and also paddling with pet dogs, its unabridged deck pad suggests convenience as well as grip expand fromThur tip to tail as well as safeguard your deck from claws and also paws.

It’s the ideal option for fishing, hunting or carrying huge tons on longer tours.


=> Click For More Info On Thurso Max Multi-Purpose 

Thurso Tranquility Yoga SUP

Thurso Tranquility Yoga SUP

Take your yoga exercise practice onto the water! The Tranquility is a tough comfortable base to practice your poses, core exercises, and physical fitness regimens as well as it’s still great deals of enjoyable to paddle.

The extensive traction pad offers you plenty of room to stretch out and also loses water to reduce slipping.

Whether you’re having fun paddling with pals or your animal, or focused on locating your zen, the Tranquility is an optimal selection.

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Thurso Prodigy Junior iSUP

Thurso Prodigy Junior SupIts well-rounded shape is steady enough for newbies simply obtaining their feet wet and also much extra manoeuvrable for smaller sized paddlers than a full-sized SUP.

With a paddle sized to match, it’s the ideal enter self-reliance on the water for children from ages 5 and up.




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Atoll C4 Waterman 12’6 Isup Itrekker Inflatable Paddle Board

Atoll Board Company is a great service provider of blow up stand paddle boards paddles accessories and also clothing at competitive prices. Based in Huntington Beach, CA, Team Atoll’s roots can be mapped back to Southern California surf heritage coupled with a love of Mother earth.

This powerful unity has actually made Atoll Board Company one of the top-rated blow up stand up paddle boards on the market.

Atoll proudly supports every one of their items with a 60 Day Money Back Assurance as well as a 2 Year Guarantee against any as well as all producer faults.

Atoll Boards is a quality supplier of inflatable stand paddleboards, SUP accessories, lifestyle garments and headwear. The Atoll iSUP is the excellent well-rounded sized paddle board for everybody, from youngsters to adults.

Their mobile as well as versatile iSUP awaits your next lake, river, ocean, relaxing, fishing, or sup yoga exercise outing. Prepare for your next paddling adventure with Atoll Board Company!

The Atoll Paddle Board is a popular Stand Paddle Board as well as has gathered rather a great deal of ratings on the web.

A brief review of these appraisals listed below:

Amazon.com: “Love this SUP! It’s our very first as well as we’ve obtained a great deal of usage. It does spend some time (as well as muscular tissue) to obtain it to the recommended 15psi … yet a rewarding sacrifice as it feels stiff and tough underfoot. 5 stars!”

iSupworld.com: “Great board, very easy and really useful to paddle. It glides nicely on tranquil water and also feels excellent plowing with chop. We’ve had a great deal of fun paddling the Atoll 11 ′ as well as assume it is a really wonderful inexpensive option, specifically for beginner paddlers.”

Outdoorgearlab.com: “The Atoll 11 is a consistent performer that does not necessarily attract attention in one location, but additionally does not have any huge weak spots. With solid all-around efficiency as well as a practical price, it gains our Ideal High-Performance Buy Award.”

Supboardguide.com: “The Atoll 11′ blow up SUP is a very good well-rounded paddleboard choice for those that want vibrant performance in a light-weight journey board. If you are new or are experienced in stand up paddleboarding, we absolutely recommend the 2020 Atoll 11′ blow up SUP if you want a high experience as well as sound well-rounded SUP.”

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You will never go bad with iROCKER paddleboards. This outfit has actually been manufacturing high-quality as well as straightforward paddleboards for over 10 years. According to iROCKER, its objective is to happily belong to the world’s most standout and relied on paddleboard brand names.

With decades of experience, iROCKER leads the industry in helping even more people, from beginners to seasoned paddlers, obtain on the water safely and also comfortably. This outfit consists of a varied team of fervent riders and also paddlers, and their love for seas drives iROCKER’s unique creative thinking and interest.

Under iROCKER, the outfit is happy to supply one of the most trustworthy SUP boards on the market. Along with its many straightforward boards, iROCKER manufactures accessories that match paddleboarding.

This brand has actually inhabited the water sporting activities industry for years. Each iROCKER paddleboard originated from cautious engineering to ensure better performance and also produce unforgettable moments.

iROCKER’s longevity has actually allowed the brand to declare a respectable photo in the industry. The organization’s enthusiasm constantly drives the very same energy today. Each paddleboard from this brand name takes years of study and also advancement.

By doing this, riders will certainly have additional security from influences as well as obtain the ideal general worth for their cash.

The iROCKER warranty relates to Nautical, BLACKFIN and also iROCKER brands. Their warranty offers 2 years on iROCKER as well as BLACKFIN paddle boards and also only 1 year on NAUTICAL SUPs, attractive criterion.

Accessories and also pumps are covered for 1 year which is like it obtains. They likewise devote to a response to a guarantee claim within 2 days, a gold criterion.

The iRocker is likewise extremely sought-after Stand Paddle Board as well as has actually acquired fairly a great deal of ratings on the web.

A brief overview of these customer reviews below:

Inflatableboarder.com: “We think the 2021 Nautical 10′ 6 ″ truly knocks it out of the park. It keeps all of the staminas of the previous board as well as addresses the couple of criticisms we had.”

Boardandkayaklife.com: “I wait my previous consumer reviews that place iRocker as the ‘Best General Inflatable Board’. I would certainly recommend iRocker to any individual that remains in the market for an iSUP and regard them to be premium quality, excellent value paddle boards.”

iSupworld.com: “Total I believe the 11 ′ iRocker is a fantastic ISUP for a respectable price. I can see why it has actually been so popular. It is fun to paddle, the construction appears solid and it comes with all the gadgets as well as equipment that you need to obtain started.”

Supboardguide.com: “The iRockr Cruiser is still one of the most popular iSUPs on the marketplace provided its availability. It’s best for those starting or individuals desiring some additional area for tasks like yoga exercise or angling. It’s extremely balanced however still holds sufficient form for an enjoyable paddle.”

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Thurso Surf

Established in 2016, THURSO SURF is an up-and-coming SUP business that remains to broaden its lineup with new versions, offering paddlers lots of alternatives when it comes to picking the finest blow up SUP for their dimension and also interests.

In enhancement to the well-rounded Waterwalker iSUPs, they also offer the THURSO Expedition Touring SUP, the Tranquility health and fitness SUP, the Prodigy SUP for kids, and also the multi-purpose THURSO Max.

Currently readily available in the US, Canada, UK, as well as Europe, we actually value just how attentive this outfit is to consumer opinions adding requested features and also concentrated on providing excellent client support. We believe you see the results in their expanding appeal.

THURSO SURF supplies a 30-day money-back policy so you can attempt the SUP and if you aren’t satisfied return it for a full reimbursement (note that you’ll have to pay the return shipping costs).

All THURSO SURF blow up paddle boards are backed by a well-founded, 2-year warranty. THURSO will replace or refund your acquisition if you have any problems due to a producer flaw within the very first 24 months of possession.

Although Thurso is still a fairly new paddleboard brand, it has obtained numerous excellent testimonials from its pleased clients.

A brief overview of these reviews below:

Boardersguide.com: “This is simply a remarkable all-purpose SUP. If the 11′ model is as well big and the 10′ design also little, this should be your Goldilocks board. Even if you’re the kind of individual that has multiple iSUPs for numerous purposes, you may finish up utilizing the Waterwalker 10′ 6 as your go-to.”

iSupworld: “Any individual could utilize this board from brand-new novices to intermediate paddlers.The hassle-free overall design makes it really functional as well as you can use it on practically any kind of water. You can load on the children, gear or canines and also understand that you will still really feel protected and have a great ride. We are certainly a fan of the Thurso Surf ISUP.”

Supboardguide.com: “This is a paddleboard that provides sufficient stability, tracking, as well as ability to move to assist beginners promptly grasp the sport, with adequate performance for seasoned paddlers to enjoy it as an additional traveling SUP.”

Amazon.com: “I had the Board for 3 months already and utilized it around 15 times. it’s tough, looks fantastic and also all the add-ons consisted of are really high quality. The Paddle is really remarkable, finest material and also super light.” C4 Waterman 12’6 Isup Itrekker Inflatable Paddle Board

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